GHC 2015 with Danielle Nguyen

Many of the classmates I attended Grace Hopper with came to the conference not knowing what areas they would specialize in in the computer science field; by the end, however, everyone had a specialization they were excited about. Two of my friends were inspired to switch majors from Computer Science to Computer Science and Interactive Media, another friend could not stop talking about Big Data, and yet another friend was attending all of the Artificial Intelligence talks that she could. Personally, I was particularly interested by Anna Lysyanskaya, a professor at Brown University who specializes in cryptography; her talk, which I attended, focused on explaining how three-colorable graphs and anonymous credentials work and why they are significant to internet security. I knew nothing about cryptography, but her clarity and enthusiasm piqued my interest in a way that none of the subsequent talks could match. Because I was able to go to this conference, I was able to land an internship with Bank of America for the coming summer, as well as discover my interest in cryptography.