GHC 2015 with Deema Binmahi

This year was my first GHC conference, and it was pretty much what I expected it to be. It was a little overwhelming, what with all the people, sessions, and three-day long career fair, but it was a good experience overall.

My favorite aspects were the keynote/plenary speakers and the student opportunity labs. ABI got some extremely inspirational women to come speak, including Clara Shih, Megan Smith, and Sheryl Sandberg, who was the highlight of the conference, for me.

The sessions were a bit of a let down, as they were less technical and sometimes less interesting that I was expecting. If what you were looking for was some sort of job, the career fair and company mixers were an extreme plus of the conference, as companies were handing out interviews on the spot and there were enough that you were bound to find some position you’d be interested in. Even if you didn’t, it was a good way to land some practice interviews. I definitely plan on attending again and will take advantage of the career fair to find prospective full time jobs.