GHC 2015 with Emily Montgomery

So despite the fact that this is my third year at Grace Hopper, there was still tons of new stuff to take in. As a senior looking for a full-time job, I found that my experience this year was completely different and extremely rewarding. In the past, I spent my time at the conference going to as many takes as I could, just trying to take in as much information as I could to help me decide what kind of co-ops to look for.

This year I spent the majority of my time meeting with companies. I polished up my resume, prepared my elevator speech as scoped out all of the companies that had openings in areas and locations that interested me. I met with some great employers I thought would be on the path I was looking for, but found one company that wasn’t even on my radar. I did an interview, went to a mixer they hosted and decided that the culture of the company was beyond awesome. I was also excited to hear about many of the company communities for women in tech since NuWiT has been such an amazing experience here at Northeastern.

Outside of looking for a job, I attended the keynote, plenary sessions and a handful of other fantastic sessions and I encourage you to check them out: