GHC 2015 with Marina Moskowitz

Dear Mr. Wenzinger,

Thank you for addressing the need to nurture the participation of women in Computer Science through your generous donation, which allowed my fellow Lady Lisps and I to attend the Grace Hopper Conference back in October. It was one of my favorite memories I’ve made in college so far.

During the conference I made a lot meaningful connections with companies that I am excited and interested in working for. Since the conference, I have been having several interviews and will hopefully soon be accepting my next summer internship or co-op with one of the incredible companies that I connected with at GHC. One of the most exciting conversations I had was with an employee from Sales Force, where we had a conversation entirely in Chinese. It was great to see how I can apply my skills in Mandarin to my skills in Computer Science. Having the opportunity to hear about all the different focuses and possible applications in Computer Science helped me realize what I want to focus on.

A couple of my favorite events from the conference were attending a private breakfast with Aribnb, where I had one-on-one conversations with several Aribnb employees, and of course the evening Google, Amazon, and Microsoft parties.

The lessons I learned and experiences I had during that conference will be memories I keep with me for the rest of my life. Thank you again for making it possible for me to have this incredible experience.

Sincerely, Marina Moskowitz