Fall E-Board Elections 2016


President: In charge of picking the direction the club is going in. They are in charge of managing the e-board and ensuring that the goals of the semester are met. They are also in charge of interacting with the college on behalf of the club. Candidates for this position must have spent one year on the e-board previously in another role.

Vice President: Assists president with all tasks and responsibilities.

Web Chair: In charge of updating & maintaining the website design and it’s content (blog and pictures).

Design Director: In charge of designing materials such as posters, logo, and t-shirts. Is not a full member of the e-board and is only responsible for design things. Does not normally come to officers meeting and should feel no compulsion to do anything other than design.

Public Relations: Posts to social media & our email list about our events. Is in charge of all social media presence. Works with the design director to spread promotional items such as posters & stickers.

Treasurer: Is in charge of pizza for all of our meetings. And also the northeastern club bank account.

Outreach Director: In charge of connecting with people outside of the organization such as other clubs, companies and other universities.

Clerk: In charge of the email list - make sure to block bad emails and that the appropriate emails go to their respective officers. Also meeting minutes as needed - add tasks to trello.

Note: While we all have specific responsibilities, everyone generally pitches in on everything and the people in specific positions are there to mostly run point on their specific area.