Resume & Interview Prep

Normal Monday meeting where we have people reviewing resumes and giving feedback. We will have set up technical interview questions.

Here are some resources:

Technical Interview Tips:

  • Repeat the question and write it down
  • Write down test/examples for it first to be clear what you want to accomplish
  • Communicate what you are thinking
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help/a nudge in the right direction
  • Don’t worry about syntax
  • Pseudocode
  • Leave space between lines for edits
  • Don’t need to elegant, just needs to work: time for refinements once you have a working solution.

Examples of questions:

  • reverse a string (loop and recursion)
  • is a string a palindrome
  • print the fibonacci sequence
  • factorialize a number (loop and recursion)
  • remove a duplicate in array
  • is a permutation
  • two circles overlap